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K-pod - a Windows application that directly syncs your Inbox with your iPod

Featured on the cover CD of iPod User Magazine (1st Edition, from the publishers of Macworld and PCAdvisor magazines).

Featured on the Beginner's Guide to iPod, by Jeremy Horwitz, Senior Editor of iPodlounge.

"There are several programs for checking email on your iPod, and in this area, Windows users are actually ahead of the game for once! That's because using K-Pod, you don't have to have an email client installed on your machine in order to sync your inbox with your iPod; K-Pod connects directly to your email server." - Hadley Stern, iPod & iTunes HACKS (O'Reilly) [Click here to read the review]

"If domination really is your bag, it's good to keep in touch with your henchmen...K-pod for Windows will connect your iPod directly to your email server, ready for reading on the underground." - The Guardian

"A small software application called k-pod allows you to sync the mail in your Inbox with your iPod. The program is very easy to use, and it works well. Once you sync your mail, just go into your Notes folder on your iPod to find a new entry called Mail. As you can imagine, this is where your messages are stored. This is a great solution for those of you who maintain an active on-the-go lifestyle." - Lockergnome

Received mention in a Boston Globe article.

Features (version 0.96):

  • Unread e-mails in the ".index" file now indicate who sent them ("0113 NEW asdf@asdf.com"), instead of having a generic name like "Message 113" (NEW!)

  • The numbering system for the e-mails has been fixed, with the first e-mail being numbered "0001" and so on, to ensure that the first e-mail is followed by the second e-mail, instead of by the tenth e-mail (NEW!)

  • Supports IMAP and POP e-mail accounts

  • The ability to save the username / password / server / drive information for easy access

  • Downloads all the e-mails from your Inbox to your iPod (makes a folder titled "Mail" under "Notes")

  • All the e-mails are named according to their e-mail number and the person who sent it

    • for example, if a person named "asdf" was the first person to e-mail you, the filename would appear as "0001 asdf@asdf.com"

  • An index file titled ".index" is made, which gives you the status of your Inbox

    • includes how many total messages you have, and how many of those messages are recent / unread / deleted

    • includes hyperlinks to your unread messages

  • Incredibly simple to use

  • Works with all iPods v2.0+

  • Note: This application uses PHP.

  • Click to download k-pod 0.96

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